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GM, 6.6L Duramax, 6.418 in. Length, Connecting Rod Set

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Boostline GM 6.6L Duramax Connecting Rod Set, 6.418 in. Length, 1.358 in. Pin, 2.476 in. Journal, 12.00 mm ARP 2000 Bolts, 4340 Steel, Patented Three-Pocket Design, Set of 8.

After 18+ months of development and testing, BoostLine rods proudly brought new, 2,000+ ft. lb. of torque-capable connecting rods to Cummins and Duramax diesel engine owners. With BoostLine’s great success in gas engine applications, its engineers have tailored the patented, 3-pocket design specifically for Duramax and Cummins diesel engines, creating the most robust diesel connecting rod in the industry. BoostLine diesel rods are forged from 4340 steel and feature dramatically improved big-end stability under tensile loads thanks to the 3-pocket design. ARP 2000, 12mm fasteners are included standard with all BoostLine diesel rods, improving clamping force by 20% to prevent rod cap stretch while also aiding in ease of engine assembly. BoostLine diesel rod designs were proven with 50+ hours of in-engine, durability dyno testing and quality is assured with a 26-point, CMM inspection reported for each individual rod. BoostLine connecting rods are the complete package for your next high-performance diesel build, from powerful projects to all-out competition trucks.

  • Purpose-Built For Boost High Boost GM Duramax
  • Forged From Ultra-Strong 4340 Steel
  • Patented Three-Pocket Design
  • Capable of 2000 HP & 2000 Ft Lbs
  • 12mm x 1.800 in. ARP 2000 Fasteners
  • High Quality APMCO Bronze Pin Bushing
  • 26 Point Detailed CMM Inspection Report Included
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Rod Type



Forged 4340 Steel

Center To Center Length

6.418 IN

Average Gram Weight

1141 GR

Pin End Bore

1.358 IN

Journal Size

2.476 IN

Main Bearing Bore Diameter

2.637 IN

Big End Width

1.119 IN

Wrist Pin Journal Bushing Width

1.537 IN

Bolt Diameter

12.00 MM